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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the unusual method police say thieves used to steal from a store in concord this morning. and this was the second such crime in this area. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. a car was driven right into a game stop store overnight. and police say it was part of a smash and grab robbery. brian floyd joins us to explain the specific items targeted. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this particular game stop was hit in the early morning hours. but at this hour, you can see that the store remains closed by this sign right here, it will be closed until further notice. and the windows that the car went through are also boarded up right now. they're expected to be replaced pretty soon. we're live here at the clayton
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valley shopping center. but according to concord police, the car which is a silver honda crashed through here around 4:00 a.m. the store alarm went off and police arrived. the driver was nowhere to be seen. further investigation has revealed that the car may have actually been stolen from redwood city. and investigators believe that the thief or thieves were after iphones or i pats at the store. nor smash and grab to tell you about, this one happened on sunday at radio shock in walnut creek just a few miles from here. we spoke to the store manager offcamera saying the thieves got a crowbar and used that but they didn't get anything because the glass is shatter proof. the store has been hit at least seven times by thieves this year alone. and they're looking at improving security measures at ta store as well as this -- at that store as well as this location as well. including placing security cameras at different locations. it is too early by investigate torious say these are related
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but it is something where these types of crimes happen around the holidays. investigators will continue to look at any surveillance camera footage. live in concord, brian floores cbs 5 eyewitness news. oakland police confirm three people are under arrest in the shooting deaths of two teenaged girls. ktvu first reported the arrests on saturday, after talking with police sources. the suspects have not been identified. but are said to be two men and a boy. 15-year-old raquel grassle and 16-year-old bobby sarsane were gunned down november 25 near brookdale park. no motive has been mentioned. a proposal to expand a sikh temple in fremont is drawing complaints from some neighbors. the tem system located on gurdwar road in the niles district. temple leaders want to expand the facility from 28,000 square feet to 41,000 square feet. but some neighbors say traffic and parking are already a big problem because of the temple.
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fremont city is expected to vote on the expected expansion at a january 24 meeting. a public hearing tonight will be held in san mateo about the future of a new 711 store. last night, a small group of protesters picketed outside the 711 on north san mateo drive. they're worried about the noise and traffic in the area. and they say because of zoning laws, the city should have never given the store a permit to open earlier this month. >> the 711 is parachuted in against the city's own laws and that's why we're here. we believe the city has actually not followed its own laws. >> the city council will determine whether the 711 can stay open. since the land is technically in a residential zone. food service workers at oakland national airport could strike at the height of the holiday travel rush. workers say they have been without a contract for months and will go on strike unless an agreement is reached by midnight on thursday. the two sides are at odds over
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health care costs. workers also say the airport contractor has proposed eliminating paid meal breaks and freezing hourly wages. a suspected drunk driver is under arrest, after hitting a fire hydrant that flooded a busy palo alto street. the 22-year-old woodside man is suspected of running his toyota camry into the hydrant just after 1:00 a.m. at sand hill road and el camino real. the hydrant shot water 50 feet into the air. sand hill was shut down at the intersection until about 7:00 a.m., due to flooding. police say the driver kept going after hitting the hydrant but officers found him up the street and arrested him. in the east bay, part of marsh creek road in clayton is shut down. as road crews survey a collapsed culvert. a potential sink hole had started to form. and crews are trying to determine what needs to be done to repair the damage. the road is shut down, between deer valley road and pine lane. people living in the area can still access their homes.
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an early morning fire seriously damaged a richmond home and sent one person to the hospital. flames broke out about 2:30 a.m. at the house on jarrellynn avenue. the cause of the fire is under investigation. however, firefighters say it may have been started by ashes burning in the fireplace. the homeowner had to be treated for smoke inhalation. he says he woke up choking from smoke. >> i had the fireplace on last neither before i went to sleep and i went to sleep at midnight. everything was okay. and in the middle of the sleep, i woke up smelling, choking on some bad smoke. >> firefighters were able to keep flames from spreading to neighboring homes. no other injuries were reported. a restaurant chain that got its start in chicago more than 20 years ago has put down roots here in the bay area. the corner bakery cafe is now open in pleasanton.
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and the operator that plans to expand to a total of 32 locations in this region, over the next seven years. the next one will be in downtown pleasant hill. the expansion will create 40 to 50 jobs for each restaurant. it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. for the second time in two years, a man in vallejo has had a living christmas tree stolen from his yard. chuck neon says he planted three trees the year his grandson died of cancer right after christmas. one of the trees died. and last year, one of the trees was stolen. now, someone has taken the last tree which was fully decorated, right out of the ground. >> last time, we came, we saw it right there. that's kind of mean. >> i just don't know if i'm going to plant more trees or not. >> he says despite that, he will not let the tree theft ruin his christmas spirit this year. but next year, he says he will probably just put lights up around his front porch. and in washington, d.c.,
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political leaders are inching closer to a deal on the fiscal cliff today but they're also scrambling for a backup plan. this morning, speaker of the house john boehner launched his plan b, saying he will bring to a vote a proposal to extend tax breaks for people who make less than $1 million. that comes after an offer by president obama to raise his tax increase threshold to $400,000 a year. but the two sides are still hundreds of billions of dollars apart. >> i believe it is important that we protect as many american taxpayers as we can. and our plan b would protect american taxpayers who make a million dollars or less. >> we don't know the details of plan a, plan b, or whatever plan c might be. but we remain united behind our
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president. >> aides say the g.o.p. speak ser still pushing for a more comprehensive bipartisan plan to avert billions in automatic spending cuts and tax increases on january 1. new at noon, community members are accusing a san jose supermarket of ignoring the sexual harassment of female workers. the protesters confronted management at the pueblo store on mclaughlin area a few hours ago. former meat department employee laura roberto says she was continually sexually harassed by a male co-worker. she says the company investigated her claims but took no action against the co- worker. she later was fired for allegedly badmouthing another co-worker. through a translator, she described the alleged harassment. >> translator: he tried to hug me. he tried to kiss me.
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and he told me stuff, sexual, dirty stuff. >> we work really hard to create a really family environment, a respectful environment, so we have policies to address sexual harassment. >> she says other women who work at me pueblo complained they have been harassed by the same employee but are afraid to come forward. the store will investigate those claims. the investigation continues into connecticut's deadly school shooting. as the community continues to lay its young victims to rest. >> and it is clear outside. but there is a chill in the air. ktvu meteorologist steve followsom will be up next to tell us how cold it is going to be and for how long. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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an elementary school in mutown connecticut -- newtown connecticut is on lockdown today four days after the shooting at the nearby elementary school. children were locked down in the school because of an unspecified threat. more students from the sandy hook newtown shooting are being laid to rest today.
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tori has more. good afternoon, tori. >> reporter: well, as students start coming back to school, students try to seek comfort at some of the memorials which popped um around town -- up around town but what is particularly heart breaking today is seeing people break down as they drive through. >> reporter: back to class for most students in newtown connecticut tuesday but hardly back to normal. >> i feel worried. nervous. but at the same time, i'm feeling happy to be back at school. >> it is sad. we got to keep going with our lives as well. >> reporter: the teacher's union says educators will discuss friday's mass shooting in an age appropriate manner. sandy hook elementary students have not yet returned to class. they will be moved to another facility in a neighboring county. administrators say they won't return to classes until january. >> trucks carrying supplies have been leaving the school, which is still a crime scene. the tragedy even has lawmakers normally am support of gun
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rights, discussing gun control. like senator joe mansion of west virginia. >> we had 20 beautiful babies that were slaughtered. that cannot be tolerated in america. >> reporter: a new grass roots group, newtown united, sent a delegation to washington tuesday to meet with the brady campaign to prevent gun violence and families of victims of the 1999 shooting at columbine high school. >> these people here before you, because they refuse to be statistics. they've been through hell and back. and they don't want it to happen to the rest of you. >> reporter: funerals began monday for the 20 children and six adults killed. tuesday, families said their final goodbyes to two more 6- year-olds. jessica ricos and james matioli. today the medical examiner is releasing new information about the suspected shooter and his mother saying at this point no one has claimed their bodies. he also says the mother was shot four times in the head, tori. while she was sleeping. >> all right, thank you in
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newtown connecticut, thank you. and here in the bay area, there are several candlelight vigils scheduled for the victims in connecticut. tonight, in pleasanton, people will gather at the amrel park at 6:00. and tomorrow in fairfield, the vigil is planned at the sikh temple on rockville road at 5:00. anyone who attends is being encouraged to bring notes showing support for victims of families. donations will also be accepted for people in newtown, connecticut. an 18-year-old in fairfield is behind bars, accused of posting online threats similar to the connecticut shooting. sergio carbata was arrested yesterday. investigators say a post on facebook claimed he supported the actions of the gunman and was thinking about carrying out a similar shooting rampage. officers say cabata had access to firearms in his home. in los gatos, there are new safety concerns because of a store planning to begin selling
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guns. the tore is set to open near blossom hill road and university avenue. the owners say the store will service hunting, fishing, target sports and law enforcement communities. but at a town council meeting last night, several people said they're upset the issue was never presented to the public. >> i would like to see if there is any way that we can get these people who own this to give us some sort of guarantee, maybe they won't sell clips that hold 100 bullets. and maybe they won't sell ak- 47s. or ak-15s. >> some people spoke in support of the store. the mayor of los gatos scheduled a discussion about the permitting process for stores selling firearms in february. but any decision would not affect templar sports unless the store expands or moves. new at noon, pg&e unveiled the new gas operation center in san ramon. and we have more from ally
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rasmus. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. behind us is the building that will essentially become pg&e's headquarters for gas, and when it is done, 1600 jobs will relocate to bishop ranch in san ramon. it is part of the safety plan put in effect after the san bruno pipeline disaster. >> our goal is to be able to not only respond but begin predicting when things begin to develop on the system. so that we can begin to prevent events from happening other than just responding to those events. >> reporter: now pg&e will consolidate its gas transmission, gas distribution centers, and a dispatch center, all in this 48,000 square foot floor that you see here. and right now the dispatch and distribution centers are located in san francisco, fresno and concord. the idea is to make communication centralized and response times fastener the event of an emergency. along with the move to san
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ramon, pg&e executives also talked about the tests they've done on more than 400 miles of gas pipeline since san bruno happened and this year they added 37 automated valves that can shut off remotely in an emergency and pg&e executives say they believe these changes have made their customers safer and will lessen the chance of another san bruno explosion. >> we have done a significant amount of learning from san bruno, from how we train our gas and field operators to how we coordinate and interact with emergency responders. >> reporter: now, all of this comes with a price though. the director and executives estimate it will cost the utility about $2.2 billion. there has been a long stang -- long standing dispute who should pay for that, the pg&e, rate payers or shareholders. and the public utilities commission will decide how that cost burden is broken down. and the public utilities commission could make a
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decision on that as early as this week. live in san ramon, ally rasmus, cbs rasmusktvu news. and pg&e is working on restoring power to 1600 customer, one of the largest affected areas is right across the downtown business section and crews hope to have the power back on for a thousand customers within the hour. the remaining 800 customers should get their power back by 2. pg&e is still trying to derm the cause of the outage. richmond city officials will hold a public meeting tomorrow night to talk about the rebuilding of the refinery unit that caught fire on august 6. the fire occurred because of a leaky pipe carrying a gas oil mixture that ignited several workers and thousands of residents needed treatment for respiratory problems because of the toxic smoke. the project is now focused on a dispute over the kind of metal to use for the pipe replacement. residents are encouraged to attend and provide feedback.
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cold and breezy to windy out there. mostly sunny along the coast. we're getting clouds developing. cold unstable air getting help from the warmer ocean temperatures. over the hills, a few puffy bands of clouds. overall mostly sunny and cool and cold and breezy. upper 40s and low 50s. tonight will be very, very cold. freeze warnings out for the north bay. frost advisories for wednesday morning. so windy and colder. mostly sunny. although partly cloudy again over by maybe the coast. very cold tomorrow morning. it will still be mostly sunny, breezy, and chilly. remember, the days are very short. the nights are very long and then on thursday, we clouded up friday into sunday and it looks like a rainy pattern with mountain snow and you can see some of the cloud cover still holding together and thins out and moves over land. and occasionally some clouds do develop right parallel to the coast. 40s or 50s. a lot of 49 at antioch and low
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50s. and i don't think we will warm up much. big temperature drop today. cold and breezy today. windy in some of the higher elevations and along the coast. temperatures drop. and then after wednesday, we will start to draw our attention more toward the cloud cover and the weekend rain coming in. a little bit of activity around fort bragg, mendocino coast. after that i think it is too far off the coast to generate any rain. 27 tahoe and near zero tomorrow morning. unless the wind kicks up. 47 in ukia. and 49 up in redding. so there is very cold air to the north and it will settle in. and 29 this morning in oakmont and kenwood. i would not be surprised to see 24 and 25 in the north bay tomorrow morning. still though mostly sunny for us and then a low will develop off the coast on thursday. and then we will say not cold, but rain. windy and cold today. clouds along the coast. 50s. santa rosa, inland. and by the water and around the bay, a little warmer just by the mere fact that it is not as cold as inland areas. but temperatures really struggling. and then they will continue to drop off fast tonight. don't forget pets tonight.
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plants maybe outside, on your deck or what have you, i would cover the plants for tonight and tomorrow morning. and clouds roll in thursday. late thursday in the north bay. overnight friday we start the rain. a couple of systems saturday and into sunday. maybe early monday. christmas eve, christmas day, they look okay. >> okay. a lot of people will be traveling. >> that's correct. >> on the way to grand ma's house. >> snow level around 4500 feet. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. coming up, a major announcement from the oakland a's. and a policy change for popular picture sharing app instagram. what it means for advertisers wanting to use your photos. lots of prepaid cards
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on wall street, stocks climbing to the highest level in two months amid optimism lawmakers are closing in on a budget deal to stop the fiscal cliff. facebook up 3.5%. apple up 2.5%. taking a live look at the big board, the dow up 97. nasdaq up 39. and s&p up 13. if you use instagram, be advised your photos may end up in advertisements and you won't be paid for it. san francisco-based instagram, the photo sharing app owned by facebook, is changing its terms of service policy. it will make your photos and other information you share fair game for advertisers. the only way to protect your photos and information is to deactivate your account and some users say they plan to do just that. policy changes take effect on
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january 16. today, facebook is expanding its nearby future. until now, facebook users could see where their friends are or have recently been, and now, nearby will compete directly with services like yelp. it will show what is nearby. including restaurants and other businesses. users will also be able to offer recommendations and ratings for those locations. we are just a few hours away from a major announcement by the oakland a's. sources say the announcement is they have agreed to a contract with japanese shortstop nakgima, the deal is reportedly worth $6.5 million over two years. he is a seven-time all-star in japan's pacific league, with a career 302 batting average and 149 homeruns. as we told you, funeral services are being held today for more of the victims gunned down in the newtown school massacre. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, a show of support right here in the bay area as people reach out to help those grieving tonight.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us again at 5:00. we're always for you at ktvu .com.
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